Air Conditioner Ratings part 5, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Air conditioner ratings part 5 continues our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the Carrier, Century, and Champion brands.



The COMFORT 14 air conditioners are basic units that meet the regional efficiency standards for all areas of the USA. They have a durable powder coat finish but only a wire coil guard to protect the fins of the condensing unit which is not very effective. The INFINITY 19VS premium units have a five stage compressor with their Silencer System II for quiet operation and a 19 SEER efficiency. 

The INFINITY 21 units (their entry in the ultimate category) have an efficiency rating of up to 21 SEER but use a standard two speed compressor instead of variable speed technology. The brand is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP and is sold through factory authorized dealers. The warranty is not as good as some of the other brands.


This is a brand from HEAT CONTROLLER which is a part of MARS and is sold through factory authorized dealers. The RSG14 series units are basic units with durable scroll compressors. They use micro channel coils for a smaller footprint in your landscaping and composite base pans for quieter operation. The units have a louvered metal jacket to protect the condenser coil fins but they do not use a powder coat finish on the units. The guarantee on the compressor is very good but the warranty for the rest of the unit's parts it is not as good as other brands.


These units are made by UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a JOHNSON CONTROLS COMPANY. They are sold in the USA through a factory authorized dealer network. The TC4 model is a basic unit that uses micro-channel construction that results in a more compact unit. The unit has a durable powder coated finish but the guarantee is not as good as other brands and it requires you to register the unit. The AL8B models feature their Whisperdrive system which includes an insulated compressor compartment, base pan made of composite materials instead of metal, and a swept wing fan for quiet operation. The unit can also communicate with the other parts of the home's heating and cooling systems through their control for greater efficiency in all seasons. The warranty is very good when a matched system is purchased.

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