Geothermal Ratings part 6, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Geothermal ratings part 6 completes our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the Miami Heat Pump, Modine, Nordic, Northern Heat Pump, and Sakura brands.


MIAMI HEAT PUMP-----------5*---------NA

These heat pumps are available in North and South America. The HPX series units are basic forced air units with a stainless steel cabinet and cupro-nickel heat exchangers for durability. They have stainless steel insulated drain pans to eliminate leaks from corrosion and sweating and offer many options including a desuperheater for domestic hot water production. The warranty on this brand is very good and they have an online store where they can be purchased by consumers which results in a huge cost savings. 


This brand offers basic units that have standard MERV 13 filters for improved air quality and oversized heat exchangers for added efficiency. They offer optional two stage compressors, variable speed blowers and desuperheaters for domestic hot water. The units are only sold through dealers in the USA and Canada but it is a limited network. 


This brand is made in Canada by MARITIME GEOTHERMAL LTD and the units are sold in North America and Europe. The R SERIES models are water to air units that feature two stage scroll compressors and a variable speed fan for added comfort and efficiency. They have a stainless steel condensate drain pan for durability but the warranty is not as good as many brands.  The TF SERIES features premium units and the warranty stacks up better with the competition but the brand is only sold by factory authorized dealers.

NORTHERN HEAT PUMP-----<1*---------2*

This brand is a part of ELECTRO INDUSTRIES INC. and is made in Canada and sold throughout North America. The NorthStar Series of units feature durable stainless steel cabinets that have a lifetime guarantee. The models have a variable speed fan motor for quiet efficient operation and offer an optional two stage compressor. Their dealer network is limited and their website is not much help.


These units are made in China and are available in both 50 and 60 hz units. They offer a variety of units to fit most applications and have basic features. The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 

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