Geothermal Ratings part 7, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Geothermal ratings part 7 completes our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the Spectrum, Tetco, Trane, and Waterfurnace brands.



These units feature two stage compressors, variable speed blowers, and a four inch thick air filter to improve indoor air quality. The units are available in both upflow and downflow configurations and have a compressor blanket, triple compressor isolation, and automotive grade insulation for quieter operation. They are backed by a good warranty but are only available through dealers in the USA & Canada.  


This brand is manufactured by ENERTEC GLOBAL LLC and is sold through dealers in the USA. The ES5 is a multi-position unit that features an anti-microbial plastic drain pan to eliminate corrosion, durable Copeland scroll two stage compressors, and digital controls. A desuperheater for domestic hot water heating and a variable speed blower motor is standard as well. The ION SERIES offers compact units for installation in those tight spaces. The warranty on the brand is not very good when compared to others. All of the units feature all aluminum microchannel coils to minimize the risk of corrosion and future refrigerant leaks. They also have a condensate overflow sensor to protect against damage to the home due to a clogged condensate drain.


This brand is a part of INGERSOL RAND and the units are actually manufactured by Waterfurnace International. The TGVX model is a state of the art variable capacity heat pump. The unit has a coated air coil for corrosion prevention as well as a corrosion resistant drain pan with electronic overflow protection. The T2GX model is a two stage unit with an efficiency of 29.4 while the T1GX model is a single stage unit. The brand is only available through their factory authorized dealer network.


This brand is available worldwide and offers a wide variety of units using the latest technologies. The 7 series models are state of the art variable capacity heat pumps with an efficiency rating of 41. It has a variable speed compressor as well as a variable speed blower motor and circulator pump. The unit has a coated air coil for corrosion prevention. They are backed by a good overall warranty but the compressor does not have a lifetime warranty. The 5 series offers either single speed or two stage models with an efficiency of 30. The LEGEND series are basic single stage units with variable speed blower motors and an efficiency of 18.5. The SYNERGY 3D is a premium heat pump with integrated radiant heat capability and it is backed by a very good guarantee.

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