Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Ratings part 3, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...



The dryers are made in Germany and offers sizes up to 8 kg capacity. They are backed by an average warranty.


The NH-P80S1 has a large capacity and uses advanced inverter drive technology. The units use a reservoir for collecting the condensate instead of a drain connection and have an average warranty.


The DV8000 has an extra large (9 kg) capacity and a filter clean alarm. The units use a tank to collect the condensate and are backed by a decent guarantee.

SIEMENS----  siemens-home.com  -----2*

This brand offers three sizes of dryers to match the needs of the family. The iQ700 has a self-cleaning condenser and advanced sensor controls. The units use a reservoir for collecting the condensate which requires dumping.

V-ZUG  -------------vzug.com------------2*

This brand is a part of METALL ZUG and is made in Switzerland. The units have a wide selection of programs and an average warranty.


The HYBRIDCARE ventless DUET has advanced moisture sensing controls and a durable stainless steel drum. They are available worldwide but their guarantee is not as good as other brands.


The LINDO 1000 has a large (8 kg) capacity and reverse tumble action to minimize wrinkles. The brand is a part of ELECTROLUX GROUP and is available in Europe. 

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