Heat Pump Ratings part 17, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Heat pump ratings part 17 continues our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the Thermo Pride, Trane, and Westinghouse brands.


THERMO PRIDE---1*---------NA---------NA

This brand is made by UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS for THERMO PRODUCTS LLC. The LX models have a compressor blanket and swept wing fan for quieter operation as well as a 14 seer efficiency. The XT series offers a 16 seer unit but it only offers single stage operation. The units have a louvered metal jacket to protect the coil but are only sold through authorized dealers


This brand is owned by INGERSOLL RAND. The XR14 models are basic units with a durable powder coat finish and an average guarantee. The XL18i units are their premium units and feature two stages of heating/cooling and a variable speed condenser fan motor for energy savings. 

The XL18i also features Comfortlink II communicating where the air conditioner "talks" to the other parts of the HVAC system to maximize performance. The XV20i is an ultimate heat pump with a good guarantee. All of the units have a powder coated metal jacket to protect the coil but they are only sold through dealers in the USA and Canada. 


This brand is from NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC. The FT4BE units are basic models with a 14/15 SEER efficiency and include a swept wing fan for even quieter operation. they feature all aluminum micro-channel coils for corrosion resistance and for a compact footprint. The ET4BF is a premium unit with a two stage compressor and a 16 seer efficiency. 

The FT4BF premium model includes a compressor blanket and swept wing fan for quieter operation but the guarantee is not very good when compared to others in the category. The iQ DRIVE model is an ultimate unit with advanced compressor technology and the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home's heating and cooling systems. They have an efficiency of either 19 or 22 seer and are backed by a good warranty but they are only available through their dealer network.

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