Heat Pump Ratings part 2, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Heat pump ratings part 2 continues our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the ActronAir, Airease, Aire-Flo, and Airtemp brands. You can continue to browse through our alphabetical list or you can enter a brand name in the search box above.



This brand is made and sold in Australia. The CLASSIC range offers basic units while the ESP range offers ultimate units with a variable speed fan and compressor. With the ActronConnect option, the units can be controlled through a smartphone or computer. The ESP PLUS systems have advanced zoning capability and can serve up to eight independent zones in the home. The warranty on the brand is not very good when compared to other units but they have their own Australian national service department. tech specs


These units are from ALLIED AIR ENTERPRISES which is owned by LENNOX INTERNATIONAL. The 4SHP14LB has onboard diagnostics and quietshift technology but the warranty is not as good as some brands. The 4SHP16LS is a premium unit with enhanced diagnostics and a compressor blanket for noise control but the warranty is not very good. All of the units feature their MHT technology for enhanced refrigerant and airflow through the unit which maximizes efficiency for the unit's size. The 4SHP20LX is an ultimate heat pump with a 20 SEER cooling efficiency and a pretty decent guarantee but the units are only sold in the USA through their authorized dealers. For more info, you can check out their product literature.


The 4HP14L is a basic heat pump and uses timed defrost instead of demand which is less efficient. They are "builder grade" units but have louvered panel construction to protect the condenser coil from mechanical damage. This is another brand from LENNOX INTERNATIONAL and they are usually sold by Lennox or Armstrong Air dealers but the standard warranty is not very good. Get the tech specs for more details


These heat pumps are made by Nordyne for R.E. MICHEL COMPANY which is a distributor of HVAC systems in the USA. The VT4BD is a basic heat pump with a durable scroll compressor and a composite base pan for quieter operation. The VT4BF is a premium unit with a Copeland Ultratech scroll compressor. The unit uses demand defrost for added energy savings over a timed defrost but the warranty is not as good as many brands. All of the units feature all metal louvered panel construction for protection of the condenser coil from mechanical damage. They also offer R-22 replacement units that are shipped without refrigerant as R-22 is being phased out. The units are only sold through their authorized dealer network.

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