Portable HEPA Air Filter Ratings part 3, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

Portable HEPA air filter ratings part 3 continues our expert and unbiased reviews with a look at the Friedrich, Hesstar, Holmes, Homedics, Honeywell, IonMax, IQ Air, Klarstein, and Kogan brands.



The AP260 features five stages of air filtration and smart controls. They are backed by a good warranty.

GERM GUARDIAN--guardiantechnologies.com--<1*

This brand offers both table top and tower models. They are three stage air purifiers that can be purchased directly through their website. They do not have smart controls but the units are backed by a good guarantee.

HEAVEN FRESH---heavenfresh.com-----2*

The HF480 is a smart air purifier and can be connected to Wi-Fi. They have seven stages of cleaning and are available worldwide. the units are backed by a good guarantee.


This brand is made and sold in Malaysia. The HAP-40 has three stages of air filtration and electronic controls but their website is not much help.  


Their SMART AIR PURIFIER can be controlled through your smartphone with their WEMO app. They use air quality sensors and can be purchased directly but their website does not have a stated warranty policy.


The AR-35 is an oscillating tower unit with UV-C purification. They have three speeds and can be purchased through their website.


The HPA-249 is a five in one unit with advanced electronic controls. The units are backed by a decent warranty and can be purchased through their website. The units do not have air quality sensors to control the unit.


This brand is available in Australia and offers a variety of models. The ION 450 has five stages of air cleaning but uses basic controls instead of smart sensors.


These units are made in Switzerland and feature "hperHEPA" filtration of particles down to .003 microns. The HEALTHPRO series has four stages of filtration and are backed by a good guarantee.


The GRENOBLE units have four stages of filtration with a switchable ionizer. They have a three speed fan with timer function and a remote. The VITA PURE units also have a ultraviolet light. The warranty on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.


These air purifiers are available in Australia and can be purchased through their website. The IONIC home air purifier has four stages of filtration and three power levels but uses basic electronic controls instead of air quality sensors.

Other Portable HEPA Air Filter Brand Ratings

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