Smart Home System Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

With our smart home system ratings, you can cut through all of the sales hype and find value. You could spend hour upon hour sorting through the brands and the claims of the various manufacturers but we have already done the work. 

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World's Best Smart Home Controller:

Our top pick is from WINK.  This brand offers a low-cost do it yourself option for homeowners. The controller works with many brands of devices. You can even shop for home automation products from different manufacturers from their website.

Other Smart Home System Ratings

We continue our smart home system ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.


This brand is from NORTEK SECURITY & CONTROL. The GOCONTROL uses Zwave and has full voice response. The system can control security, hvac, appliances and lighting but must be installed by licensed dealers which makes it far more expensive.<1*

This system requires professional installation and monthly monitoring fees. It has limited use compared to other brands but the system has biometric voice recognition technology so that it will only respond to your own voice.


This is a smart speaker system that can use voice commands to control just about everything in the home. They are relatively expensive compared to other smart home systems.

AT HOME------  -------<1*

Their integration gateway requires professional installation and is available in the Middle East and Africa.<1*

The WeMo home automation system has a limited number of partners. The systems and components can be purchased directly through their website.


These hubs require professional installation. They partner with a variety of product manufacturers but use basic technology.<1*

This brand requires professional installation and payment of monthly fees.<1*

This system uses the home's existing wiring but requires professional installation.*

The XCOMFORT is an RF system where the HOME MANAGER has limited abilities.<1*

The g! controllers are sold through dealers and so are more expensive but they have many features. The brand is a part of NORTEK SECURITY AND CONTROL.<1*

The M1 systems are basic and are sold through distributors.

eQ-3 ---------  ------------<1*

This brand is made and sold in Germany. The HOME MATIC controller uses radio frequency technology but only works with their devices.<1*

The HOME CENTER 2 is a simple plug-n-play device but it is not widely available yet.*

The HOME TROLLER ZEE is a basic system that works with a variety of devices. They can be purchase online through the manufacturer's store but are more expensive than some of the comparable brands.<1*

This brand is not available yet except for pre-orders. The hub will use voice activated command technology.

Other Smart Home System Brand Ratings

You can continue to browse our alphabetical list of manufacturers but, if you are searching for a specific brand, you can enter its name in the search box at the top of the page.

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