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Our HVAC services allow you to harness our 25 years of industry experience. Whether you are a homeowner looking for advice or a contractor looking to outsource your design duties, we can help.

HVAC services for the homeowner:

This website provides a wealth of information so that you can purchase, install, maintain, and repair your home's heating and cooling systems. Even so, you may need a more personal touch and so we offer answers to your questions through Hvacrepairguy on Facebook.

Just click on the badge for help in solving your problems. This is a free service where we will help you to find the problem with your system as well as assisting you in finding the part you need. We will do the shopping and provide you an Amazon link where you can complete the purchase of the part.

We also offer load calculations and design/consulting services on your HVAC system installation or upgrade. If you are planning a new home, we can help you to decide on the best system as well as helping you to do it yourself. Our load calculation services will provide you with the reports that are required by most local building codes. You can get a simple block load calculation for free by filling in the information on the form below.

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 If you prefer, you can get four local quotes and send them to us where we will examine them to help you in selecting the best option.

You can contact us for more info on these services or to request any other consulting service.

HVAC services for the small contractor:

For the small contractor, we offer services that help you with the design part of the job as well as offering training services for you or your employees.

With our design services, we will set up an account for you and perform the load calculations that you need as well as designing the systems and layouts. This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business as well as providing your customers with professional calculations and documents that are required by the building codes in many areas.

Our training services are based on the old proven apprenticeship model of training. You can hire people with basic abilities and they can get training from us as well as contacting the Hvacrepairguy through Facebook Messenger if they get stumped by a particular problem.

We will also customize our services and add those that you request to help you to make your business even more successful. For more info about any of the services that we offer, please contact us.

Starting an HVAC business?

If you are looking at the possibility of starting your own heating and air conditioning business, we can help by giving you advice from someone who has been there and done that.