Heartland Media LLC, A Different Kind Of Company...

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Heartland Media LLC was established in May of 2012 and it is truly a different kind of company. In our world today, it seems that most companies are willing to do whatever it takes to make another dollar but this partnership is proving that there is such a thing as Christian businessmen & businesswomen. 

So, what is the big difference and what does it mean to be a Christian business person? A Christian should always remember that the things of this world are only temporary and, in the last days, all earthly things will pass away. What counts in this life is what you can do to bring people into the kingdom of God. To that end, the partners at this company simply believe that God has provided this business to support kingdom efforts.

Who can be a partner?

The company has a unique structure because of the fact that partners can own shares of the company and can sell them to others but only if all partners agree to the new partner. It must be unanimous or the interest in the business cannot be sold.

So, you might ask the question: Why is it this way? The answer is found in the Bible where Paul tells the Christians in Corinth: "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers." In our world today, there are far too many people that say "business is business" and many of them will attend a church on Sunday but, throughout the week, they will operate their business in a way that does not glorify God. Far too many businesses have started out with good intentions by men and women of faith but they have been corrupted when they expand to include those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

What does Heartland Media LLC do?

We develop and maintain informational websites including the following:

HVAC for Beginners, a website dedicated to helping people to save money on their home's hvac systems.

My Christian Space, a website that is dedicated to sharing the word of God in partnership with Enduring Freedom Ministries.

Recycled For Christ, a website that informs people about how they can recycle the things that would normally go into a landfill.

Spirit and Truth Israel Tours, a website to help those that want to take a trip to the Holy Land.

Becoming a partner?

As described above, it is only possible to become a partner through a unanimous vote of the existing partners. In addition to that restriction, ownership is distributed by percentages and the price for a share (percentage) is set by the existing partners based on the company earnings. The current share price is $1,750. To learn more, you can contact us.