A clogged condensate drain didn't stop me!

by Mary
(South Florida)

My ac broke down last night (Friday) and I initially thought it was my X-finity home system going back to a default mode on the thermostat... nope. Then I threw the breaker on the ac and it worked for awhile and then quit on me again this morning. So then I thought it was a faulty thermostat... so I switched it out... still didn't work. So I went on-line and found your website and after reading YOUR SUGGESTIONS I checked the sump pump... it was only half full... BUT, on a hunch, I took the piping apart above the sump pump and BINGO! It was totally clogged and as soon as I dislodged it, the ac turned on! I took all the pvc piping apart and scrubbed it out and reassembled it and now it is all working beautifully... I am a 60 year old woman and I fixed my ac unit all by myself, thanks to you!!!! My repair guy couldn't come out until next Friday... I am one very happy and "cool" person right now! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!! I hope you might also suggest checking the piping above the sump pump... or look for a leak on the floor as an indication of clogging. It's also a good maintenance habit to get into. Again, thank you for being there with your generous guidance!

This whole experience really made me feel good. I was proud of myself for taking the initiative to figure things out and remedy the situation, but I couldn't have done it without your well designed website... you are a very generous person to provide this information... it's people like you that put the "human" in "humanity" and keep making the world go around in a good way.

Also, I don't know if all ac units are set up this way, but... the pvc joints that I took apart were not glued together... so I figured that they were not glued on purpose, just so that they could be easily disassembled for access for cleaning and maintenance?

I had a similar problem last year on another property with a bad water leak from my air handler's overflow tube... the unit kept working perfectly, though, it never shut down like this one did. The main drain pipe ran underneath my concrete slab foundation to the outside of the townhouse next door to me (there is no sump pump on this unit)... after I located the open drain pipe, I used my shop vac to suck the clog out... and no more water overflowed into the hallway after that... (but I keep a small bucket under the overflow pipe next to the air handler just in case and check it regularly). This is all maintenance that my ac company never did for me on their yearly visits that I paid $75 for... nor did they ever make recommendations or give me instructions... the service guy was in and out in five minutes.

If you don't already have one, I think you might like to have a trouble shooting-maintenance section just on clogs and how to suck them out or blow them out perhaps on a yearly basis as general maintenance? (BTW, I used my shop vac on the other three units of my building and de-clogged my neighbors' ac systems, too... it took me all of five minutes and probably saved them all a lot of grief and expense.)

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Aug 30, 2015
clogged drain pipe
by: The Gray way...

Where is your suggestion to add a overflow level float cut off switch in the pan under the unit? I have one in my unit that saved my ceiling....

Trane has one (option) with a wiring diagram and Granger has a similar one for $21.00.

Install this in addition to the other corrective action....

May 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

what exactly was the clog made up of?

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