Air Conditioner Ratings part 13: Reviews of the Lennox, Luxaire, & Maytag brands



The 14ACX model is a basic unit that has a durable scroll compressor and louvered panel construction to protect the condenser coil from mechanical damage. At about 76db, the unit is pretty loud during operation. The XC21 is a premium unit with an insulated compressor compartment and Silentcomfort system for quiet operation. 

The XC25 is a part of their "Dave Lennox Signature Collection" and features their "iComfort" technology which allows the unit to communicate with the furnace and thermostat for ultimate comfort and efficiency. The unit is "Sunsource ready" which means that it is ready to be connected to their solar panel which can provide electricity for the unit as well as extra electricity that can lower your utility bills. The unit has a state of the art variable speed compressor and an efficiency rating of 26 seer. The warranty on this brand is not very good when compared to other brands and they are only available through the factory authorized dealer network.

Lennox XC25


This brand is made by UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The TC4 units are basic models with micro-channel coil construction for more compact size units. They have durable metal coil protection panels but the guarantee on the units is not as good as some of the other brands.

The ACCLIMATE AL8B units are their premium units and have SilentDrive technology which includes a swept wing condenser fan blade, isolated compressor compartment, and a base pan made out of composite materials. These features combine to ensure very quiet operation and they are backed by a solid guarantee. The AL8B is backed by a very good warranty but it requires registration to activate the extended coverage. They also have the ability to communicate with the other parts of the HVAC system to maximize their efficiency. The units are available in the USA and Canada but are only sold by factory authorized dealers.


This brand is made by NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC and is sold through dealers in the USA. The MSA4BD is a basic unit that features micro-channel construction which provides for a very compact unit and they are backed by a very good warranty. The PSA4BI iQ DRIVE unit is the ultimate unit with an inverter drive compressor and a stainless steel cabinet for durability. It has a swept wing fan, composite base pan, and a high density compressor blanket for noise control and is backed by a very good warranty. 

Maytag MSA4BD

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