Air Conditioner Ratings part 2: Reviews of the Aaon, Airease, & Aire-Flo brands



The CB series condensing units feature a variable speed condenser fan and a two stage scroll compressor for improved efficiency and durability. The compressor has a high density foam blanket for noise suppression.  The units are available in sizes from two to five tons and have a 17 seer efficiency. They have louvered metal panels for coil protection and offer an optional variable speed compressor but the standard warranty on the units is not very good. The brand is sold through dealers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well as throughout North America.

Aaon CB Series


This is a brand from ALLIED AIR ENTERPRISES which is a part of LENNOX INTERNATIONAL. The units have anti-bacterial drain pans to inhibit mold growth and improve indoor air quality. The 4SCU13LB model is a basic 14 seer unit with a scroll compressor for reliability. The 4SCU16LS model has a two stage compressor which is common to air conditioners in the premium category but they only have a 16 SEER efficiency and, therefore, do not qualify for our "premium" designation.

The 4SCU20LX models are ultimate air conditioners that have an insulated compressor and swept wing fan blades for superior sound control as well as onboard diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting. They have state of the art variable capacity compressor technology and the ability to communicate with the furnace/air handler and other hvac components to maximize efficiency and comfort all year long.

All of their units feature their MHT technology which maximize the heat transfer to maintain a compact unit at higher efficiencies. The units are only sold through authorized dealers in the USA and only have an average guarantee. 

Airease 4SCU20LX
Aire-Flo 4AC14L

AIRE-FLO ---<1*---------NA-------NA

This is another brand from ALLIED AIR ENTERPRISES which is a part of Lennox International.

The 4AC14L units are typically used by large homebuilding companies as a "builders grade" unit. The units are relatively loud compared to other models and their standard warranty is not very good but it can be extended. The units are only sold through authorized dealers which are usually dealers of the premium brands from Lennox International such as lennox and Armstrong Air. 

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