Air Source Heat Pump Ratings part 12: Reviews of the Lamborghini, Mastertherm, Maxa, Metro Therm, & MHG brands


The Lfp E-HD units have inverter compressors, variable speed fans and durable stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers. They provide for cooling as well as heating and domestic hot water but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.<1*

This brand is made in the Czech Republic and is sold throughout Europe. The EASYMASTER is a basic air source heat pump for heating/cooling as well as domestic hot water. The units have electronic expansion valves for more efficient operation and are a good option for those who are really price conscious. The BOXAIR INVERTER model (shown here) features a state of the art inverter drive compressor for energy savings as well as EC fan motors for quiet and durable operation. They are monobloc units that are designed to be installed inside a designated heating plant room.<1* 

These heat pumps are made and sold in Italy.

The i-SHWAK models are state of the art split heat pumps featuring inverter drive compressors and modulating pumps for energy savings.

The basic warranty on the units is not very good but it can be extended for a fee.


This brand is a part of NIBE GROUP and is sold in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, & Finland.

The Metroair units (shown here) are for heating and dhw only because they are designed for colder northern climates.

Their website is not much help and the warranty is not very good.<1* 

These heat pumps are made in Germany. The THERMIAIR units feature inverter compressors and weather compensating controls for energy savings. They are designed for existing homes and to be added to existing heating systems. The THERMISTAR L models use standard scroll compressors and are more suited to new homes. They offer optional passive or active cooling but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.

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