Bath Fan Ratings part 5, Reviews of the IXL, Manrose, Martec, Mercator, Met Mann, and Mistral brands



These bath fans are made and sold in Australia. The TASTIC line offers a variety of models including the EASY DUCT range which are ducted to the outside of the home. The other models exhaust the air to the attic space which can put excessive moisture in the attic and damage the structure and are not recommended. The SMART SWITCH models include a remote control to operate the unit. Their website is not much help but they are backed by a decent warranty.


This brand is made and sold in the U.K. The SHOWERLITE is a combination fan and light with energy saving LED lighting. The SILENT FAN CONCEAL range offers wall mount fans that have a tile like front cover to blend into a typical white tiled bath. They are very quiet during operation and are backed by a pretty good warranty.

Manrose Showerlite


The TETRA SERIES offers both fan only and fan/light units. The fan/light model features energy efficient LED lighting. The CORE model is a high extraction fan with a turbo fan blade. The units are sold in Australia and are backed by a good guarantee but their website is not much help.


This brand is made and sold in Australia. They offer a wide selection of fan/light combinations as well as units with heating. The COSMO and LAVA lines of 3 in 1 units are backed by a very good warranty and receive the 4* rating. (Other models are not backed by as good of a warranty and only receive a 1* rating.)

MET MANN------------NA---------------1*  

The MINIVENT ULTRASILENCER is a two speed fan with humidity and occupancy sensors. The units are actually made in Germany by HELIOS VENTILATION and are sold in Europe but their website does not have a stated guarantee for the units.


These fans are made and sold in Malaysia. The MEF range offers three sizes of basic wall-mounted fans while the MVF102 is a basic ceiling mount fan that has an extendable exhaust outlet. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for this product.