Biomass Boiler Ratings part 14, Reviews of the Mescoli, MeSys, MHauser, Moretti, & MTR Caldaie brands


These boilers are made in Italy. The COMBIFIRE 2 uses electronic modulating control for the highest efficiency but the unit requires an external hopper. Their "COMPACT NEW" models feature built-in hoppers for greater convenience and are fully automatic pellet fired boilers with modulating controls and a self cleaning burner. Their website is not much help and the guarantee on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.* 

The AUTOPELLET boilers (shown here) are fully automatic and offer either vacuum or auger feed options. They feature two stage combustion and a durable stainless steel combustion chamber as well as automatic heat exchanger cleaning. The automatic ash removal system compacts the ashes into a container that is easily removed and dumped. The CONVERTIBLE model is designed for homes where bags of pellets are used and it has a very large 300 pound storage hopper. It is less expensive and easily upgraded to fully automatic operation at a later time. The brand is backed by a good warranty but is only available through a limited dealer network in the USA and Canada.<1* 

This brand is made in Italy and is sold directly to consumers through their website. The CM pellet boiler models are available in two sizes and feature electronic modulating controls. Their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.<1* 

These boilers are made in Italy. The DUPLEX series can burn pellets or logs and features electronic controls while the TECNIKA models can only burn pellets. Their website is not much help and their warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.


These boilers are made in Italy and are sold throughout Europe. The CLEAN ENERGY model can burn a variety of fuels and features modulating controls. The AGRY-BIO boilers burn corn and have electronic controls. The guarantee on the heat exchanger is not very good when compared to other brands.

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