Boiler Ratings part 15, Reviews of the TriangleTube, Trio, Unical, Utica, & Vaillant brands



The PRESTIGE ACVMax series units are high efficiency wall mounted units. They are fully modulating and have a combustion efficiency of up to 95% for energy savings. The CHALLENGER SOLO is a high efficiency wall-mounted boiler that has a unique insert cast iron heat exchanger. It has outdoor reset temperature control for added savings but the manufacturer's website is very little help and does not have a stated warranty policy. The brand is only available through their limited dealer network in the USA.


This brand is from PUREPRO PRODUCTS and is available exclusively through F.W. WEBB COMPANY a distributor of HVAC and plumbing supplies in nine states in the northeast part of the USA. The boiler bodies are made by BOYERTOWN FURNACE and feature durable cast iron construction. They are three pass low mass boilers that use recirculating flue gas technology for increased efficiency. They can be direct vented for convenient installation and are backed by a pretty good guarantee. 


These boilers are made in Italy. They feature cast iron construction and electronic controls but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. The IDEA range offers standard efficiency wall-hung units while the KON model is a high efficiency boiler. 


This brand is from ECR INTERNATIONAL and is sold through authorized dealers in the USA and Canada. They offer a wide selection of units with a good warranty. The MGB/MGC series are basic atmospheric boilers with an automatic vent damper for energy savings. The SVB SERIES II models are premium units with durable cast iron heat exchangers. The SSC model is a wall-hung condensing/modulating boiler that is low maintenance and self cleaning but its warranty is not very good. 


The atmoVIT units have a two step burner and an integral draft diverter with automatic damper. The atmoTEC units are wall-hung sealed units. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units. 

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