Boiler Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Crown, De Dietrich, & DemirDokum brands



This brand is sold exclusively by VELOCITY BOILER WORKS. The ARUBA 4 series (pictured below) features basic atmospheric boilers that are made of cast iron. Their draft diverter is mounted on the back of the unit which allows for a more compact unit and more installation flexibility. The BALI series units are induced draft which allows hem to be vented out of a side wall so that a conventional chimney is not required. The BIMINI is a high efficiency unit with efficiencies of up to 95%. It is a fully modulating gas boiler that is available in six sizes and features a cast aluminum heat exchanger. It offers domestic hot water priority for hot showers and an outdoor reset control for energy savings. 

The SHADOW ultimate boiler features a touchscreen interface and durable stainless steel heat exchangers. It is a wall-mounted unit that has dhw priority to ensure that you do not run out of hot water for domestic uses. The RAPTOR model features a combustion efficiency of up to 95% and is available in five sizes. The warranty on this brand (especially on parts other than the heat exchangers) is not as good as many other brands and they are only available through their limited contractor network. 

DE DIETRICH--------NA-------1*------<1* 

This brand is a part of GROUP BDR THERMEA and is available in Europe and North America. The GT series features three pass cast iron boilers that are available in five sizes to match the size of the home. They can be vented through a chimney or by direct vent for flexibility in installation. The MCA Pro Series offers wall-hung condensing/modulating boilers in three sizes. They have a durable stainless steel premix burner but the warranty on the units is not very good. 


This brand is made in Turkey and is a part of the VAILLANT GROUP. They offer a variety of wall-hung boilers but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. 

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