Boiler Ratings part 8, Reviews of the HTP, IBC, Intercal, Johnson & Starley, and Kerr brands



The ELITE units are available in either floor or wall mounted models and have a combustion efficiency of up to 98%. They have "Total System Control" which is an advanced monitoring and control system. The boilers have a durable stainless steel heat exchanger but their warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as most brands. The PIONEER units are high efficiency boilers that are designed to replace old cast iron boilers with a large thermal mass. The UFT models is a medium mass high efficiency boiler that has a state of the art gas leakage detection system as well as ultra low NOx emissions. The brand is available in the USA and Canada but only through their authorized dealer network.


The VFC 15-150 is a wall-mounted condensing, modulating boiler. It features a stainless steel heat exchanger for durability and can be vented with pvc pipe which is quicker and less expensive. The unit has onboard switching for up to four pumps and/or zone valves and a state of the art touchscreen boiler control. The HC SERIES offers boilers with a copper heat exchanger for corrosion resistance as well as a built-in pump and outdoor reset temperature control. The units are made in Canada and sold throughout North America but the warranty is not as good as many brands. 


This brand is part of the MHG GROUP. The RATIOLINE models are floor-standing models that are designed for replacement applications. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy for the units.

JOHNSON & STARLEY--NA--NA-------<1*  

These boilers are made and sold in the U.K. The QUANTEC models feature condensing/modulating controls and durable stainless steel heat exchangers. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy for the units.   


This brand is manufactured in Canada by PARRSBORO METAL FABRICATORS LIMITED. The Calisto units have an AFUE of up to 87% but their website is not much help. The brand is sold in Canada but only through authorized installers.

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