Busted Contactor

by B
(Illinois, Chicago)

I turned on the ac unit of the house we bought in November just to test it so I knew it was working before the 100 degree days come in July.

The blower turned on but the air was not cold so I checked the compressor outside......nadda. I followed the steps provided here and checked the thermostat, tightened any loose connections and still the unit did not start. So, I removed the access panel on the compressor unit and saw that the contactor was in poor shape. I tested that there was power going to the unit with a pen style voltage detector. Then, I manually pushed the contactor and right away the system fired up.

I went online and 30 dollars and 2 days later my ac unit is pumping out that sweet cold recirculated air! Thank you guys so much for making this site and saving me at least 300 dollars.

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Oct 13, 2015
Central AC Outside Fan Will Not Turn On
by: Mark

I have an older unit central air has to be at least 15-20 years old.

The 2 large 50 Amp fuses blew the last heat wave and I replace, redid all the contacts and it fired up nice and cool.

Next heat wave, again the fan stops working outside.
Tried the same procedure above. Fan is still not working.

Don't know if it is the capacitator or something else.
Don't have a testing guage for the capacitator.

Any Feedback would be welcome.

Nov 24, 2014
Central AC wont work
by: Fletcher

Mine the breaker kicks immediately when i turn the breaker on. Disconected the wires to the comopressor and the breaker won't kick but and the fan runs. Will check out compressor and capacitor.

Aug 05, 2014
everything runs but doesnt turn off at the t/stat
by: Sparkie

I just completed a blower motor and capasator the unit turns on no cold air yet but when i turn off the unit at the thermostat it doesnt shut off so I turned it off at the breaker i think i need a shot of freon but not sure why its not shutting off
maybe you could give me an idea where to look for the next cause of action.

Thanks, Sparkie

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