Combi Boiler Ratings part 10, Reviews of the Sile, Sime, Slant/Fin, Spacepak, Squirrel, Step, Strebel, Super Hot, & Termet brands



These units are made and are available in Italy. The CONDENSA range is available in either instantaneous dhw or system boiler models. They feature durable stainless steel heat exchangers but their website does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand is from FONDERIE SIME S.p.a. which is a part of the SIME GROUP. The MURELLE HE range is available in ten models and five sizes. The storage combi model has a five liter storage tank. They have a built-in circulator, expansion tank and air eliminator for easier installation. The units have built-in weather compensation controls for energy savings.


These units are made in the U.S.A. and are also available in Canada. The VSL boilers are available in a direct combi model and feature electronic control with outdoor reset for added energy savings. The units have durable stainless steel heat exchangers but their guarantee on the other parts is not as good as some of the other brands.


A part of MESTEK, this brand is one of the major brands of high velocity duct systems. The ThermaPak is a gas fired combi boiler that will work with their duct systems. It has all of the standard features but the warranty is not very good.


These boilers are made in China by DEVOTION DOMESTIC BOILERS and are sold throughout Europe. The units have programmable electronic controls but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.


The AETERNA FC is a direct combi while the AETERNAfast B FCX has a 60 liter storage tank. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand is a part of the STREBELWERK GROUP. It is made in Austria and available throughout Europe. The VICTRIX range is available in storage or system models.

SUPER HOT------<1*--------NA-------<1* 

This brand is made in Canada by Allied Engineering Co. The HSE model has outdoor reset temperature control and a three speed pump for added efficiency. The guarantee on the boilers is not as good as other brands.


The ECOCONDENS units are made in Poland and are sold in Europe. They feature a modulating pump and fan as well as the gas control. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.

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