Dehumidifier Ratings part 2, Reviews of the Munters, Santa Fe, Trion, Ultra Aire, Whirlpool, & York brands

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The DryCool HD units combine a desiccant wheel for chemical drying of the air with traditional refrigerant cycle dehumidification. This combination provides an energy saving alternative with a capacity of up to 120 pints per day and an electrostatic air filter to improve indoor air quality. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.

SANTA FE--  --5*

 These dehumidifiers are made in the USA by THERMA-STOR LLC. They are high capacity stand alone systems for crawlspaces and basements. They offer optional duct kits and pumps. The brand is backed by a good guarantee and can be purchased online through authorized retailers such as Sylvane.*

The COMFORT-D dehumidifiers are available in two sizes and are fan-assisted bypass units. They can be connected to the HVAC duct system or can be used as a stand-alone system. They have a MERV 11 air filter to improve the air quality and a built-in humidistat for easy installation.


This brand is made in the USA by THERMA-STOR LLC. They are available in four sizes and can bring in fresh air from the outside. They have a MERV 11 filter as standard on the units to clean the air. The SD12 is a split system where the compressor is outdoors. The units can be tied into an existing forced air system or as a stand alone system.* 

This brand name is licensed to TRADEWINDS DISTRIBUTING COMPANY. The WGDV160 units have a moisture removal capacity of 160 pints per day and offer optional HEPA filtration and UV germicidal lamps. The units have a stainless steel drain pain for durability but feature R-22 refrigerant which is not environmentally friendly. The units are backed by a pretty good guarantee.* 

This brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The "Affinity" units are available in three sizes (65, 90, 135 pints/day) and feature automatic defrost. The units have a standard washable filter so they do not do much to clean the air. The units can be controlled by an on-board electro-mechanical control or by the HVAC system thermostat. They are backed by a very good warranty and are a good option for adding the unit to an existing cooling system.

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