Dehumidifier Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands...

With our dehumidifier ratings, you can cut through all the sales hype and find value. We have researched the manufacturers' data and combined that with our hvac service experience to provide our unique system of ratings. It really is like taking a repairman shopping with you. We have given you our top pick followed by a complete list of manufacturers and their ratings.

World's Best Whole House Dehumidifier:

The SANTA FE brand of dehumidifiers is made in the USA by THERMA-STOR LLC. They are high capacity stand alone systems for crawlspaces and basements. They offer optional duct kits and pumps. The brand is backed by a good guarantee.

Other Dehumidifier Ratings

We continue our dehumidifier ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products.


AIR SPONGE----  ----------4* 

This brand is from PHOENIX MANUFACTURING INC. which is a part of WILLIAMS COMFORT PRODUCTS. The units are made in California and can be a stand alone system or incorporated into a forced air duct system. The unit has a built-in float switch to protect from damage caused by a clogged drain line. The unit has 130 pint/day capacity and automatic defrost.*

The SENTINEL models are available in two sizes (55 or 90 liter/day) and the 90 liter/day model is available with or without a condensate pump for flexibility in installation.

They are stand alone systems that are designed for crawlspace or basement applications and can be ducted. The units have an integrated digital humidistat for accurate humidity control and they are available worldwide.* 

This brand is from RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP. They offer three sizes of units and use automatic controls. The units have MERV 8 air filters to clean the air and are backed by a very good guarantee.


The DV SERIES is available in three sizes to match the needs of the home. They can be independent or connected to the homes hvac duct system. The brand is from DAIKIN GLOBAL and is backed by a good warranty.* 

The ECHELON SERIES offers three sizes of dehumidifiers and they are backed by a good guarantee. The brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS.* 

This brand offers two sizes of units and have MERV 11 filters to clean the air. The HEALTHYAIRE units can be used as a stand alone system or connected to an existing ducted HVAC system.* 

The TrueDry models are available in three sizes and can be integrated into the homes heating/cooling duct system or it can be installed with its own duct system. The DR90 and DR150 models provide an integrated ventilation port to bring fresh air in from outdoors to improve the air quality in the home. They also use two inch pleated MERV 11 air filters to clean the air. The brand is backed by a very good warranty.* 

The HEALTHY CLIMATE line offers three sizes of dehumidifiers (65, 90, and 135 pint). They are designed to be added to a home's forced air heating/cooling system and use environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant. They are backed by an excellent warranty.*  

This brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS. The Acclimate series units are available in three sizes (65, 90, 135 pints/day) and feature automatic defrost. The units have a standard washable filter so they do not do much to clean the air. The units can be controlled by an on-board electro-mechanical control or by the HVAC system thermostat. They are backed by a very good warranty and are a good option for adding the unit to an existing cooling system.