Ductless AC Ratings part 21, Reviews of the Galanz, General, General Climate, German Pool, & Gibson brands



This brand is made in China and offers a variety of models. The GALAXY models are basic on/off models while the VIVA and KUDO series units are premium cooling only units. The GALAXY series is avaialable with either R-22 or R-410a refrigerant but the R-22 units are not recommended as that refrigerant is being phased out. The premium models have DC fan motors on both the indoor and outdoor units for quieter/more efficient operation. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 


This brand is made and sold in India through a joint venture by ETA-ASCON STAR and FUJITSU. They offer cooling only as well as heat pump models and the units have coated outdoor and indoor coils for corrosion resistance. The basic units have a compressor blanket for quieter operation while the multi-split model can serve up to nine indoor units from a single outdoor unit. They are only available through the factory authorized dealer network in India.

GENERAL CLIMATE--<1*---<1*------<1*  

This brand is made and sold in Russia and offers a variety of basic heat/cool units. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. 

GERMAN POOL---NA------<1*-----------NA 

These air conditioners are sold in Hong Kong but only through thgeir dealer networkThe SAC models are premium heat pumps that can be controlled through a smartphone with their "cloud control" technology. The guarantee on the compressor is pretty good but for other parts of the unit it is not as good as other brands.  


This brand is manufactured by NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC. They offer air conditioners and heat pumps with all of the standard features as well as a single zone solar hybrid powered heat pump that can save you money on operation by using energy from the sun. The units are backed by a pretty good warranty but are only sold through their registered dealers. 

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