Ductless AC Ratings part 25, Reviews of the Intec, Inventor, IVT, Joannes, and KaussMann brands



These air conditioners are made and sold in India. They are basic units with automatic swing louvers for better air circulation throughout the room. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. 


This brand offers units with either R-22 or R-410a refrigerant but the R-22 models are not recommended. The SPIRIT series offers premium heat pumps and has a self cleaning operation where the indoor fan runs to dry out the evaporator to prevent mold growth. 

The NEMESIS series offers Wi-Fi enabled units that have advanced HEPA air filtration, 4-way swing louvers, and a temperature sensing remote control for better indoor air quality. They have inverter drive fan motors for quiet and efficient operation but only an average guarantee when compared to other brands. The units use 50 HZ power so they are not for use in North America.


This brand is a part of the BOSCH GROUP and is made in Sweden but they are only available through certified dealers. The units use electronic expansion valves and DC fan motors as well as inverter drive compressors for energy savings. The SILVER LINE features their coanda air diffusion technology which delivers warm air to the floor in heating mode and cool air to the ceiling in the cooling mode. This allows for more uniform temperatures throughout the room and better overall comfort. The units can be controlled through your smartphone and are backed by a very good warranty.


This brand is a part of FINTERM SpA and is sold throughout Italy. They offer premium units with all of the standard features as well as multi-splits for up to four indoor units. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for the units. 

KAUSS MANN----2*------<1*-----------NA 

These heat pumps feature active carbon filters and are backed by a good warranty. The brand is available in the USA and Canada and can be purchased online through AMAZON. 

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