Ductless AC Ratings part 26, Reviews of the Keeprite, Kelvinator, Kimatsu, and Klimaire brands



This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES. The PERFORMANCE 16 SERIES offers basic cool only or heat pump units that are backed by a very good warranty. The PROCOMFORT SERIES offers premium 22 SEER units with auto swing louvers for better air circulation throughout the room. The PROCOMFORT DELUXE B units are multi-splits that can serve up to nine indoor units from a single outdoor unit. They are Wi-Fi enabled and are backed by a good guarantee but are only sold through their dealer network in the USA and Canada.


This brand is from ELECTROLUX and is available in Australia through their authorized retailers. They offer heat pump models with advanced air filtering options and the coils are coated to prevent corrosion. The units have a "follow-me" command where the remote senses the temperature and they are backed by a good warranty. 


These air conditioners are made in India and are sold in Europe, Asia, & Africa. They offer basic units with tropicalized compressors and automatic swing louvers for better air circulation but their website is not much help. The guarantee on parts (other than the compressor) is not very good when compared to other brands. 


The KSIB series offers premium units that have a 16 seer efficiency while the KSIM multi-split units can serve 2, 3, or 4 indoor units. These units have a dry mode and a turbo mode and the indoor units are available in console, cassette, and ducted models as well as the standard high wall models. They are available in cool only as well as heat pump models. They have a three speed fan as well as an auto swing function for better air circulation throughout the room. The warranty is not as good as some brands and they are only sold through a limited dealer network in the USA.

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