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That's right, with this evaporative cooler maintenance guide you get the information that you need to do it yourself. A normal service call for an hvac service company would cost over $100 but, with a little help, you can save that money. As a general rule, your system requires maintenance three times per year. This includes annual startup, mid-season, and shutdown maintenance.

**NOTE** Only you can assess your ability to perform this task. This is a guide and cannot provide all of the details for every situation. During all maintenance procedures, the power to the unit should be shut off!

Startup & Routine Maintenance

The cooler pads should be replaced at startup and during mid-season evaporative cooler maintenance. ( You may need to do this more often based on the mineral content of your local water.) The pad assembly(s) are removed from the unit. Then the stiffener and retainer is removed. The old pad can now be removed and the frames and retainer should be washed to remove scale and dirt. The new pads can then be put in the frames and the retainers and stiffeners re-installed. For proper operation, you must be sure that the pad completely fills the frame with no gaps where air could bypass the pad. It is a good idea to pre-soak the pads prior to placing them in the unit. During the startup and mid-season evaporative cooler maintenance, you should check the blower belt and adjust the tension. To check the belt, it can be rolled off the pulleys. Turn the belt inside out and look for cracks and replace the belt with a new one if cracks are present. The belt can then be turned right side out and reinstalled. The easiest way is to put one end on the smaller pulley. Start the belt onto the bigger pulley and then spin the pulley so that the belt slides into place. Next, you should check the belt tension. Place your finger on top of the belt mid way between the pulleys and push in on the belt. A properly tensioned belt should push in about one inch with normal effort. As part of the startup and mid season maintenance, the blower bearings should be greased or oiled. Cups are provided on each end of the shaft. The motor itself does not normally require oiling.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance, System Shutdown

When the cooler will not be used for an extended period of time, this maintenance should be performed to stop the growth of mold and to extend the life of the unit. During system shutdown, the water should be shut off to the unit and the water supply line drained. Attach a hose to the drain on the bottom of the reservoir and lay the hose out as necessary to drain the water over the edge of the roof. Next, you can remove the standpipe and drain the sump. Then, you can clean the reservoir.

**NOTE** Some reservoirs can be damaged by additives or cleaners therefore they should not be used. It is best to use a mild soap and water.