A good heating and air conditioning company will...

1. Provide a written all inclusive purchase agreement. Make sure it states that it " includes all parts, labor, taxes, etc. to install". If it does not, you could end up with some nasty surprises.

2. Provide a written copy of the warranty forms and fill out any registration forms required by the manufacturer. Many brands require registration to validate the warranty.

3. Perform a computerized load calculation. If the dealer does not, they will be guessing at the right size. **HOT TIP** You do not want someone guessing at the size of furnace you need. That is a sign of an amateur.

4. Require full payment only after the job is complete including an inspection by you.

Furnace Buying, Inspecting the job...

The final step in furnace buying (and before you write that check) is to inspect the job to ensure that it is done properly.


1. The air filter should be easily accessible.

2. All duct connections at the furnace should be sealed to prevent air leaks. Duct tape SHOULD NOT be used for this.

3. The unit should be sitting on rubber isolation pads to minimize noise during operation.

4. If the unit is located in a basement, the unit should be on blocks and at least four inches above the floor.

5. There should be an electrical disconnect device within three feet of the furnace.

6. There should not be any scraps or trash left laying around. You want someone who pays attention to details when they are installing your furnace.

7. A new digital thermostat should have been installed. Installing a new high efficiency furnace with an old mechanical thermostat is a sure sign of an amateur.

8. Run the system through a normal cycle to ensure that it works properly. Listen for popping noise from the ducts when the fan starts and stops. That is not normal and is a sure sign of problems to come.


1. Check all the above for an electric furnace and also the following.

2. The vent pipes should be supported as necessary to prevent sagging, but at least every eight feet. **HOT TIP** A high efficiency furnace should have two vent pipes (an intake and exhaust). Some less reputable dealers will install them with only an exhaust.

3. The vent pipes should be sloped back to the furnace at a rate of 1/4 inch in four feet.

4. The vent pipes should be as short as practical.

5. There should be a shutoff valve for the gas or oil next to the furnace. It should not require you to remove any access panel to get to the valve.

Ask the dealer/installer to walk around the job with you to check these things. A good installer would be happy to show off the job.

You can now perform your furnace buying with confidence! You are prepared to get both quality and value.

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