Furnace Ratings part 10, Reviews of the Frigidaire, Gibson, & Goodman brands



This brand is made by NORDYNE which is a part of Nortek Global HVAC. All of their furnaces have "SMARTLITE" control to extend the life of the hot surface igniter. The FG7SC/FG7SL models are basic units that have an efficiency of 92% while the FG7SD/FG7SM have a 95% efficiency. The FG7TC/FG7TL units are premium units with all of the standard features and a very good warranty. The iQ DRIVE models have a 97% efficiency and are ultimate units with the ability to communicate with the rest of the home's HVAC systems for year round efficiency. They are backed by a decent warranty but are only sold by their authorized dealer network.


This brand is from NORDYNE but their website is not much help and they are only sold through a limited contractor network. The 92+ units are basic units with a very good warranty which includes the "10 year quality pledge". That is where, if the heat exchanger fails in those ten years, the entire unit will be replaced. They also offer a 95% efficient basic model. They do not offer units that meet our requirements for premium or ultimate units.


The GMSS92 models are basic multi-position units that are backed by a very good guarantee. They feature tightly sealed construction with less than two percent air leakage for improved indoor air quality. The GMVC96 models are premium units that are ComfortNet compatible meaning the entire HVAC system communicates together to maximize efficiency and comfort throughout the year. They also feature durable silicon nitride hot surface igniters, a two speed inducer motor, and are multi-position for easier installation. Their warranty is not as good when compared to other brands in the category. 

The GMVM97 models are ultimate units with all of the features of the premium units and a modulating gas control for precise firing of the furnace and greater comfort/energy savings. The brand is a part of DAIKIN GLOBAL and is sold through a dealer network. 

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