Furnace Ratings part 12, Reviews of the Keeprite, Kelvinator, and Lennox brands



This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The PERFORMANCE 92 and 95 models are basic builder grade units and receive a <1* rating. The G9MXE model is a better choice with a 96% AFUE and a much better guarantee. It has an ECM blower motor for durable and efficient operation. 

The PROCOMFORT DELUXE 96 (G9MVE) is a premium unit with communicating ability but the warranty is not as good as some of the other brands. It has a variable speed induced draft motor as well as blower motor for quieter operation. The PROCOMFORT DELUXE 98 (G9MAE) is an ultimate furnace that is backed by a good guarantee but the brand is only available through their dealers in the USA and Canada. 


This brand is from NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEL GLOBAL HVAC. They offer basic furnaces with "SMARTLITE" control to extend the life of the hot surface igniter. They are available in 92% or 95% efficient models and the 95% models are available as single stage or two stage units. They have a good warranty and all of the basic features but their website is not much help and they are only sold through a limited dealer network. 


The ML193 model is a part of their "Merit" series of units and has all of the basic features of a high efficiency gas furnace but the standard warranty is not as good as many other brands. The EL296V is a part of their "Elite" range of units and has an efficiency rating of 95% and a better warranty but it requires registration. 

The SLP98V is a modulating furnace with their "PRECISE COMFORT" technology where the unit adjusts the heat and airflow in increments as small as 1% to closely match the required output. It is a part of their "Dave Lennox Signature Collection" and uses their "iComfort" technology for the ultimate in home comfort. It has a durable SURELIGHT silicon nitride ignitor and is backed by a very good guarantee as well. The units are available in the USA and Canada but only through a factory authorized dealer.

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