Furnace Ratings part 14, Reviews of the Nutone, NTI, Oneida Royal, and Payne brands



This brand is manufactured by NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL but they are only available through dealers in the USA. 

The FG7SC/FG7SL models are basic units that feature "SMARTLITE" control for longer igniter life. The FG7TC/FG7TL models are premium units with a 95% efficiency in a compact unit for ease of installation. The iQ Drive 97% models are ultimate units with all of the standard features. The brand is backed by a very good warranty including a ten year quality pledge where the unit is replaced if the heat exchanger fails in the first ten years. 

ONEIDA ROYAL-----1*------<1*--------NA 

This is another brand from ECR INTERNATIONAL and they are available in the USA and Canada. The ULTRAMAX4 line offers basic single stage models in either 93% (GTHB) or 95% (GTHC) efficiencies. They are four position units which allows for flexibility in installation. 

The G95V units are a part of their ULTRACOMFORT line and incorporate a two stage gas valve, a variable speed blower and have an AFUE of up to 95%. The G95V units also have a "peace-of-mind" warranty where the unit is replaced if the heat exchanger fails within the first five years of operation. Overall, the units feature standard technologies but the basic warranty is sub-standard. It can be extended through their "COMFORT PLUS" program but this usually requires an additional fee and makes it hard to compare prices with other brands.


This brand is from CARRIER which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP and is available through dealers in the USA and Canada. It has a good basic unit (PG92S) with a very good warranty on most parts but the warranty on the heat exchanger is not very good. The PG96VAT is a premium unit with all of the standard features and a variable speed combustion blower but the warranty on its heat exchanger is not very good. 

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