Furnace Ratings part 17, Reviews of the Texas Furnace, Thermo Pride, and Trane brands


TEXAS FURNACE--<1*-----<1*--------NA 

The CSA/VSA units use a spark to pilot ignition system which is not as reliable as a direct ignition system. The VSB series offers models with a 92% efficiency while the VSC is a premium unit with a 95% efficiency but they have basic technology and a warranty that is not very good. The brand is made and sold in the USA but is only available through a limited dealer network.

THERMO PRIDE-----4*--------2*--------3* 

The CLHS1 series offers basic gas furnaces with ECM blower motor for efficient and durable operation. The CDB1 model have two stages of operation but only a standard PSC blower motor. The CHX3 model is their entry into the premium category but it only has an average guarantee. The SPIRIT series (TP9C) offers the ultimate in gas furnaces but the units are actually made by JOHNSON CONTROLS. They are compact multi-position units that are backed by a good warranty. The brand is only available in the USA and only through their limited contractor network.


This brand is from INGERSOLL RAND. These units use adaptive igniter control to extend the life of the hot surface igniter. The XB SERIES units are basic gas furnaces that are backed by a good warranty. The XV95 units are premium units with a 97% fuel efficiency that are backed by a good warranty. 

The S9V2 is their latest entry in the premium category and offers a  more compact and stylish cabinet as well as more air tight construction. They have a two speed inducer motor for quieter and more efficient operation as well as durable stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers. The XC95M units feature modulating output and communicate with other hvac system components through their "COMFORTLINK" system. They also have a variable speed inducer motor for quieter and more efficient operation and are also backed by a very good warranty. The brand is only available through their authorized dealer network in the USA.

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