Furnace Ratings part 18, Reviews of the Weatherking, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Winchester, & York brands



These are "builder grade" gas furnaces that are made by RHEEM MANUFACTURING. They only offer basic models with a warranty that is not very good.


This brand is from NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC and is available in the USA and Canada but only through their dealer network.

The FG7SC/FG7SL models are basic furnaces with an efficiency of 92% while the FG7SD/FG7SM units have a 95% efficiency. Both of them have all of the standard features that you would expect and a very good warranty. The FG7TC/FG7TL models are premium units with a 95% efficiency. They have a "smartlite" control that adapts to lengthen the life of the ignitor. The iQ DRIVE models are the ultimate units with modulating gas controls and the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home's heating/cooling systems to maximize efficiency all year long. 


These furnaces are made by GOODMAN MANUFACTURING for TRADEWINDS DISTRIBUTING. The WFM18/WFD18 models are a part of their regular Whirlpool brand and are basic multi-position units that are backed by a good warranty. 

The WGFM29/WGFD29 units are premium units with durable stainless steel heat exchangers and a 96% efficiency. The units have a two speed inducer motor for quieter operation and can be installed with either single or dual pipe venting for convenience. They have an adaptive learning control for the ignitor that prolongs its life and they are backed by a good warranty that includes a lifetime unit replacement if the heat exchanger fails.  The units are only available in the USA and only through their limited distributor network.


These units are manufactured by UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS and can be purchased online or at home improvement centers. The W9M units are basic multi-position furnaces with a 95% efficiency. The W9V models are premium multi-position units with two stages of heating and a variable speed fan motor. They are backed by a good warranty. 


This brand is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS and is sold through their authorized dealers in the USA. 

The TG9S unit is part of their LATITUDE SERIES and is a basic compact multi-position unit with an efficiency of 95%. The TM9V units feature a two stage inducer motor, a two stage gas valve, and a variable speed fan motor for improved efficiency and comfort. The unit has an adjustable delay to allow the unit to be used with a single stage thermostat. The YP9C is part of their "Affinity" series and uses modulating and communicating technology for ultimate efficiency and comfort. The unit has an efficiency of up to 98% as well as their "Clima Trak" technology where the operation of the unit can be programmed and customized for the climate in which you live.

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