Furnace Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Allstyle, Amana, & American Standard brands



The VSA/CSA model units have basic features but their warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not very good. The VSC series offers premium units but the units use standard technology and the warranty on the heat exchanger is not very good. The brand is only available through dealers and their network is rather limited.


This brand name is licensed to GOODMAN MANUFACTURING which is a part of DAIKIN GLOBAL. The AMSS92 units are very good basic units with durable stainless steel heat exchangers and feature hot surface ignition with an adaptive learning control that provides for a longer igniter life. 

The AMVC96 units are premium units and feature a silicon carbide igniter for durability. In addition to a variable speed fan motor they have a two speed inducer motor for added efficiency and less operating noise. Their warranty is not as good as some of the other brands. The AMVM97 models are their ultimate units with a modulating gas valve as well as a variable speed inducer motor to closely match the heating load of the home. They are capable of communicating with the rest of the HVAC system to maximize comfort and efficiency and they are backed by a very good warranty including a lifetime unit replacement warranty if the heat exchanger fails. The brand is only available through authorized dealers in the USA and Canada.

AMERICAN STANDARD--4*---2*--------3* 

This brand is a part of INGERSOLL RAND but they are only available in the USA through their factory authorized dealer network. The AMERICAN STANDARD 92 is a basic "builder grade" furnace with a warranty that is not very good while the SILVER 95 is a basic model with all of the standard features and a good warranty. The GOLD 95V is a premium gas furnace and has the ability to maximize efficiency by communicating with all of the other parts of the home's HVAC systems. The PLATINUM 95 is their entry into the ultimate category and it has a variable speed inducer to maximize efficiency and minimize noise during operation.

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