Furnace Ratings part 4, Reviews of the Ameristar, Arcoaire, Armstrong Air, & Bonaire brands



This brand is from INGERSOLL RAND and it is basically a "builder grade" brand.. They offer 95% efficient furnaces with variable speed blower motors but the guarantee on the heat exchanger is not very good. 


Arcoaire F9MAE

This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The PERFORMANCE SERIES units are basic builders grade units with a warranty that is not very good. The DURACOMFORT 96 units are basic models that are backed by a good guarantee. The DURACOMFORT DELUXE F9MVE furances are premium units with a decent guarantee and the ability to communicate with the rest of the home's hvac system to maximize comfort and efficiency. The F9MAE units are ultimate furnaces that are backed by a good warranty. The brand is available in the USA and Canada but only through authorized dealers. 

ARMSTRONG AIR---4*--------2*--------3*

This brand is from LENNOX INTERNATIONAL and is available only in the USA and Canada through approved dealers. They offer basic units with either a 93% (A931A) or 95% (A951A) fuel efficiency. They have an aluminized steel heat exchanger instead of the more durable stainless steel heat exchangers but they are backed by a good warranty. The A952V units are premium furnaces and the A97MV models are ultimate units. They both have stainless steel heat exchangers, two speed inducer motors, and System Sentry onboard diagnostics. The units use more burners with smaller inputs to minimize noise and to eliminate hot spots in the heat exchanger. The A97MV units use a modulating gas control to more closely match the heating needs of the home and uses their COMFORT SYNC control to communicate and maximize the efficiency of the hvac system in the cooling mode.


These units are from CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES which is a part of CELI GROUP and are made and sold in Australia. The MB5 furnace range offers both units to be located inside the home or outside. They are ultimate units with a variable speed fan motor and a modulating gas valve to very closely match the required heating for the home. The units can be controlled with a full function remote control or through a wall mounted control. The warranty on the heat exchanger (the most vital part) is not as good as most other brands. 

Other Gas Furnace Brand Ratings

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