Furnace Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Broan, Bryant, and Carrier brands



This brand is a part of NORDYNE which is a subsidiary of NORTEK. The FG7SC/FG7SL models are basic gas furnaces with SmartLite technology which extends the life of the hot surface igniter. 

Broan FG7SC

The FG7TC/FG7TL models are premium units that have their iSEER control which works with an existing air conditioner to make it work more efficiently. They have a 95% fuel efficiency and a very good warranty. The iQ DRIVE 97% MODULATING furnaces are ultimate units that check the home's indoor temperature and adjust their operation for maximum comfort. They have a very good warranty but are only available through dealers in the USA. 


This brand is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The LEGACY LINE 915S models are 4 way multipurpose units with an efficiency rating of up to 95%. They feature the "PerfectLight" ignition system and ECM blower motors for more reliable operation. (The 912S units are "builder grade units and receive a <1* rating) The PREFERRED 925T units utilize their "Perfect Heat" system which provides two stages of heating operation and includes a two stage inducer motor for quieter more efficient operation. The EVOLUTION SYSTEM PLUS 987M units have an efficiency of up to 97% and use modulating control to very closely match the heating needs of the home. The units also communicate with the others parts of the home's heating and cooling systems for maximum energy savings and comfort all year long. The units are available in Canada as well as in the USA but only through authorized dealers.


This brand is also from UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The COMFORT SERIES 59SC5 is a basic model with a 95% efficiency and a good warranty. (The 92% model is a "builder grade model and receives a <1* ratings) 

Carrier 59SC5

The PERFORMANCE BOOST (59SP5) units feature a two stage gas valve and variable speed blower motor with an efficiency rating of up to 96%. The INFINITY (59MN7) units use "Greenspeed intelligence" technology to provide maximum comfort and energy savings. The premium and ultimate units have a patented polypropylene coating on the secondary heat exchanger which makes them more efficient and durable. The units are only sold by authorized dealers in the USA and Canada.

Other Gas Furnace Brand Ratings

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