Furnace Ratings part 7, Reviews of the Comfort-Aire, Comfortmaker, Concord, & Daikin brands



This brand is from HEAT CONTROLLER which is a part of MOTORS AND ARMATURES INC (MARS). The furnaces are available in the USA and Canada but only through factory authorized dealersThey offer basic units with efficiencies of either 92% or 95% and a premium unit with a 95% efficiency. The units have stainless steel secondary heat exchangers for durability and are backed by an industry leading warranty. They do not offer a gas furnace that meets the requirements of the ultimate category.


This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The PERFORMANCE 92 & 95 units are basic builder's grade units and receive a <1* rating while the SOFTSOUND 96 (G9MXE) units are basic furnaces with a much better warranty. 

Comfortmaker G9MXE

The SOFTSOUND DELUXE 96 is a premium furnace with the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home comfort system. The SOFTSOUND DELUXE 98 (G9MAE) is an ultimate unit that has a variable speed inducer motor and is backed by a good guarantee. The brand is available in the USA and Canada but only through their dealer network.


This brand is a part of ALLIED AIR ENTERPRISES which is owned by LENNOX INTERNATIONAL. They offer basic units with either 92% or 95% efficiencies. 

Their 92G1 model is a basic unit that has sealed service doors for quieter operation. The 95G2V model is a premium furnace that features a two speed inducer as well as a two stage gas valve and a variable speed blower. It also has an isolated burner compartment for quieter operation. The brand has a good warranty but is only available through dealers.

Concord 92G1


Daikin DM97MC

The DC92SS is a good basic furnace with a durable stainless steel tubular heat exchanger while the DM96VE is a premium model with a 96% efficiency. The DM97MC model is a modulating furnace that can communicate with the other parts of the home's HVAC systems to maximize comfort and efficiency. The units are backed by an industry leading warranty but are only sold through dealers in the USA and Canada.

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