Gas Fireplace Insert Ratings part 3, Reviews of the ron Strike, Jotul, Kingsman, Kohlangaz, Kozy heat, and Lopi brands



This brand is from INNOVATIVE HEARTH PRODUCTS which was formed by the merger of LENNOX HEARTH PRODUCTS and FMI. The MADISON PARK series offers three sizes of units and can have either a traditional look or more modern face. The RAVENNA series offers direct vent units in two sizes. They feature wireless total comfort control with six heat and blower settings. The guarantee on the units is not very good when compared to other brands and they are only sold through authorized dealers.<1* 

These units are available in Europe and North America. The GI 450 DV KATAHDIN is a direct vent unit with a crafted cast iron look and feel. They have electronic ignition with battery backup and a fan to send the heat throughout the room. They also have accent lighting to add to the overall effect. The GI 635 DV NEWCASTLE is a larger unit that features their "Fire on the Floor" design which lowers the firebox and provides a large fire viewing glass. Their "Jotulburner" provides realistic flames and offers a 50% turn down to keep from overheating the room. It also has a variable speed fan to circulate the air throughout the room. They have an INVISIMESH screen barrier to conform to the latest safety regulations without sacrificing the views of the fire. The fireplaces are only sold through dealers and the warranty on the units is not as good as many other brands.<1*

These units are made in Canada and sold throughout North America. They offer B vent, direct vent and vent free models. The units have variable speed fans to circulate the heat but the warranty is not as good as other brands.<1* 

This brand is a part of BFM EUROPE. The DELAMERE units are open gas fireplaces that have a coal bed but offer an optional pebble bed. The DURLSTON combines a traditional look and coal fuel effect with energy saving balanced flue design. While the warranty on most parts is good, the guarantee on the firebox is not.


These units are made by HUSSONG MFG. and are sold through dealers in North America. The CHASKA series units feature a remote modulating gas valve with a circulating fan to help avoid overheating the room but the guarantee on the units is not as good as many brands.<1* 

These units are made by TRAVIS INDUSTRIES and are available through dealers in North America and Australia. The units feature "Ember-Fyre" ceramic split flow burners for realistic looking flames and large windows for watching the fire but the warranty is not as good as many brands.

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