Gas Fireplace Ratings part 12, Reviews of the Kent, Kinder, Kingsman, Kohlangaz, and Kozy Heat brands


These fireplaces are made and sold in New Zealand by the ABER GROUP. The SIENNA units are affordable models with modern stainless steel fascia. They have peizo ignition and a fan for distributing the heat but the warranty on the units is not very good.* 

Kinder Atina HE Balanced Flue

This brand is a part of BFM EUROPE LTD. and is made in the U.K. They offer a wide variety of models in both traditional and contemporary styles. This is their "flagship brand" and is backed by a very good guarantee. The ATINA HE BALANCED FLUE model (shown here) is a high efficiency gas fireplace that features a fully automatic remote with a built-in thermostat.<1* 

This brand is made in Canada and is sold throughout North America. They offer B vent, direct vent, and vent free models. The units use millivolt controls which allows them to work during a power outage. They offer multi-sided units as well as the standard units. The units are only sold through dealers and the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.<1* 

This brand is from BFM EUROPE and is made in Britain. They offer both open or balanced flue fireplaces and have either standard or high efficiency models. The guarantee on the firebox is not as good as many other brands. 


This brand is from HUSSONG MANUFACTURING and the units are available throughout North America. They offer a wide variety of pretty basic units but offer options such as a fan, remote control, etc. The ALPHA 36S offers traditional styling combined with a clean face for unobstructed views of the fire while the BAYPORT 41 offers a more modern feel with a large window for viewing the fire. They are sold through retailers in the USA and have a good warranty but it is somewhat complicated.

Other Gas Fireplace Brand Ratings

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