Gas Fireplace Ratings part 14, Reviews of the Marquis, Matchless, MCZ, and Mendota brands


These fireplaces are made in Canada by KINGSMAN FIREPLACES INC. and are sold exclusively through their dealer network in the USA and Canada. The ATRIUM model offers a peninsula (three sided) option with large unobstructed views of the fire. The standard units have basic manual millivolt controls so that they will operate during a power outage but they offer optional state of the art temperature sensing remote controls as well. The BENTLEY range offers either standard or see-through models in a portrait style while the INFINITE range offers very modern linear fireplaces. The brand is backed by a pretty good guarantee including a lifetime warranty on the firebox.<1* 

This brand is from CHARLTON AND JENRICK LTD. and is made and sold in the U.K. The HEAT MACHINE range offers fires with a traditional look and feel and basic technologies. The M8 offers a more modern look and feel with a large window for viewing the fire. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.<1* 

This brand is made in Italy and is sold throughout Europe and the USA.

The FORMA GAS range features natural draft units with electronic controls. They have an optional duct kit to allow for heating another part of the home. The warranty on the units (especially the heat exchanger) is not very good.*  

This brand is a division of JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCES CO. They offer a variety of models & styles that can be customized. The FULLVIEW DECOR line is available in both linear and portrait styles offering a large glass for viewing the fire. They have remote controlled variable flames and are backed by a decent warranty but are only available through their dealer network in the USA.

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