Gas Fireplace Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Atra, Attika, Avalon, and Bellfires brands


This brand is a part of the JOTUL GROUP and is sold through authorized dealers and the warranty is not very good when compared to other brands. The GZ 450 SERIES offers direct vent units with a 120 cfm fan to distribute the heat throughout the room. The GZ 455 SERIES offers modern linear fireplaces while the GZ 650 SERIES offers units with electronic ignition and a battery backup. The 650 models also offer an optional duct kit to distribute the heat to other rooms.<1*

These units are made in Switzerland and are available through a dealer network in Europe. The units feature large windows with unobstructed views of the fire. The VISIO 1 is especially suited for well insulated homes where you want the look of the fire but not as much heat output. Their website has many pictures of the units but very little information about them and does not have a stated guarantee for the products.<1* 

These fireplaces are made by TRAVIS INDUSTRIES and are available only through dealers in the USA and Canada. They offer a variety of models with either low, medium, or high heating capacities. They are direct vent fireplaces using outdoor air for combustion which saves energy. Their Dancing-Fyre burner provides realistic flames and the Comfort Control feature allows you to shut off half of the burner to allow viewing the fire without overheating the room. They offer their "GreenSmart 2" remote as an option and the remote can adjust the performance of the flames to maintain a set temperature as sensed by the remote control. The warranty (especially on the heat exchanger) is not as good as many other brands.

Bellfires Smart Fire line<1* 

This brand is a part of INTERFOCOS and is available in Europe. They offer a huge selection of styles with a modern look and feel to them. The SMART FIRE line offers zero clearance units with large windows for viewing the fire. The HORIZON BELL L 3 range offers panoramic units which offer a wide view of the fire and they feature their hidden door system. The warranty on the units is not as good as some other brands.

Other Gas Fireplace Brand Ratings

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