Gas Logs Ratings part 3, Reviews of the Majestic, Master Flame, Monessen, Napoleon, Portland Willamette, Rasmussen, and Real Fyre brands

BRAND-------------VENTED-----VENT FREE


This brand is a part of MONESSEN HEARTH SYSTEMS CO. and is available in the USA and Canada. They offer a wide variety of log styles but they are sold through dealers and the network is limited. The warranty on the units is not as good as many other brands.

MASTER FLAME---------<1*------------NA 

This brand is from ASPEN INDUSTRIES and features manual vented gas log sets with match lit pilots. The SINGLE BURNER models are for their cheaper "builder series" units while the TRIPLE BURNER units are a part of their "elite series" and provide a more realistic fire. The ELITE SERIES also offers optional remote controls with a 50% turn down ratio. The FIVE BURNER model is designed for see through fireplaces (where two rooms share one fireplace). The units are sold through dealers but they have a limited network and their "lifetime" warranty only covers the logs. All of the controls and the burners are only guaranteed for one year.


This brand offers a wide variety of styles and offers units with manual starting as well as millivolt ignition. They feature hand painted logs for very realistic looking logs. The guarantee on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.


The FIBERGLOW vented models feature electronic ignition and a modern river rock bed. The VERSO models offer a more traditional look and the ability to customize the look due to their reversible logs. The units are sold through authorized dealers and are backed by a very good warranty.


This brand offers a wide selection of models but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand features the ALTERNA line of non-traditional fires. They are available in three sizes and can be purchased online from the manufacturer. The EVENING SERIES offers traditional logs with "charred through" front logs for a very realistic looking fire. The units are made in the USA and are sold through dealers but their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.

REAL FYRE-----------------4*------------5* 

This brand is manufactured by RH PETERSON and is sold internationally. They offer a wide selection of models including their modern alternatives. The logs feature a radiant heat chamber for improved performance and the gas logs are backed by a very good warranty. They offer control options including standing pilot, manual ignition, and electronic ignition with a remote control.

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