Gas Stove Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Italkero, Jarrahdale, Jotul, Kingsman, Kozy World, & Leda brands


This brand is made in Italy. The FARO & FIAMMELA models offer a unique visible flame inside a glass tube. They have modulating controls with a wireless digital controller but their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.* 

These stoves are made and sold in Australia. The PANORAMA features a bay window for viewing the fire. It has four heat settings as well as a three speed fan all of which can be controlled from a remote. The warranty on parts other than the heat exchanger is not very good compared to other brands.*

The Classic line features cast iron models in either B vent or direct vent. The units use millivolt controls so that they can operate during a power outage. The GF370DV models have a modern look and feel. They feature an intermittent pilot system to save on gas and have automatic modulation.The units feature a variable speed blower and include a remote control. They have a dealer locator on their website but the warranty on the heat exchanger of the units is not very good.* 

This brand is made in Canada and available in the U.S. as well. The FDV300 is a basic unit with options for a convection blower and wall mount or remote controls. The units are sold through dealers and offer a very good warranty on the heat exchanger but for most other parts it is not very good. The FVF models are vent free units and could possibly cause health issues.


This brand offers vent free stoves that are thermostatically controlled. The PHOENIX features a large open face design and a 20,000 BTU heating capacity while the MONTEREY has a 30,000 BTU capacity. They are sold in many large retail stores but the warranty is not very good.* 

These stoves are made in Germany. The ARCO features round modern styling with a large window for viewing the fire. The unit is wall mounted with an optional base. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products.

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