Gas Water Heater Ratings part 4, Reviews of the John Wood, Kenmore, Lochinvar, Longvie, Martiri, MHS, Reliance, Rheem, & Richmond brands


JOHN WOOD----------2*-----------------4*

These units are made by GSW which is owned by AO SMITH and are available in POWER VENT or POWER DIRECT VENT models. The ENVIROSENSE models are high efficiency condensing water heaters that are backed by a pretty good warranty.


This brand offers a wide variety of units that can be purchased at SEARS stores. The KENMORE ELITE 50 gallon 12 year gas model features electronic ignition and LCD controls. They use basic tank technology with a powered anode for corrosion prevention but they are backed by a good guarantee. All of the units feature their "ROTO-SWIRL" cold water inlet dip tube. This helps to minimize sediment buildup in the tank.


This brand is available in a wide selection of models but they use traditional glass-lined tank technology. The units are available in standard atmospheric combustion models as well as direct vent, power vented, and manufactured home models.


This brand offers basic water heaters that use atmospheric combustion. They offer a variety of models but their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.


This brand is made and sold in Argentina. They offer basic units with atmospheric combustion and enameled tank technology. Their website does not have a stated guarantee for the products.


These water heaters are made in the U.K. The TUDOR NHRE units have a standing pilot while the NHREV units are sealed combustion with spark ignition. The THISION units are high efficiency models that are available in two sizes. The warranty on the units is not very good when compared to other brands.


This brand is available at hardware stores. The SELF CLEANING gas fired units are available with 9 or 12 year guarantees. Sidewall vent models are also available.


This brand is a part of the PALOMA GROUP. The CLASSIC PLUS gas fired units are available in atmospheric or power vented models and have a decent warranty. The PROFESSIONAL PRESTIGE series offers high efficiency units but they use basic tank technology.


This brand is built by RHEEM MANUFACTURING which is a part of the PALOMA GROUP. The models are available in standing pilot models with Piezo ignitor with guarantees of 6,9, or 12 years. A power vent model and a high efficiency model is also available.

Other Gas Water Heater Brand Ratings

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