Geothermal Ratings part 2, Reviews of the American Standard, Bard, Boreal, & Bosch brands


AMERICAN STANDARD-------1*---------4*

This brand is a part of INGERSOL RAND and the units are actually manufactured by Waterfurnace International. 

American Standard Platinum AVGX

The GOLD XI is a basic model with coated coils and a polymer drain pan to minimize corrosion and bacterial growth but the warranty is not as good as some of the other brands. The PLATINUM AVGX is a premium model with a variable capacity compressor and variable speed blower for maximum energy savings.It is also backed by a very good guarantee but the units are only sold/installed by authorized dealers


This brand is available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico but are only sold through their dealer network. The GEO-TRIO series units have two stage scroll compressors and ECM blower motors. The warranty has been substantially improved and the units are very friendly for the installer as they come in three separate pieces for ease in handling. The GV GEOTECH series units are traditional packaged units with a two stage compressor, ECM fan motor, and standard domestic hot water heat exchanger. 

Bard GV Geotech


This brand is made in Canada. The AHW units are premium units that are backed by a pretty good guarantee. The basic models are available in either active or passive cooling models and feature a two speed scroll compressor and an ECM blower motor. They have a standard desuperheater to produce hot water for domestic use and offer optional stainless steel cabinets for durability. The standard warranty on the basic unit is not very good. 


The CDi series offers two stage operation while the i SERIES BP model is a basic single stage geothermal heat pump. They have a durable stainless steel drain pan and a two inch thick air filter for better air cleaning. The units have freeze protection as well as condensate overflow safety switch protection and they are backed by a very good warranty. The SV model is a budget friendly basic unit that is designed for the replacement market but their guarantee is not as good as the other models.

All of the units have their floating base pan technology for quieter operation but they are only sold and installed by their "Accredited Bosch Contractors". 

Bosch Greensource iSeries BP model

Other Geothermal Brand Ratings

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