Geothermal Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Geocool, Geofurnace, Geostar, & Hydron Module brands



These heat pumps feature stainless steel cabinets and variable speed fans. Their install kit contains everything that is needed to get the unit up and running and they are backed by a good parts warranty. They have a limited dealer network but the units can be drop shipped through CLARKSVILLE HVAC ( 

Geofurnace Magnum Series Combo


The MAGNUM SERIES heat pumps feature scroll compressors and stainless steel drain pans for durability. They use a desuperheater to assist in domestic hot water production and the units have a variable speed motor.

The MC models are premium units that are available with either a single or two stage compressor.


These units are made by WATER FURNACE INTERNATIONAL and feature scroll compressors and stainless steel heat exchangers for durability. 

The Aston series units are available in single or dual stage models. They have coated air coils and a corrosion proof drain pan for durability. The Cypress series units are designed for heating/cooling with radiant heating. The SYCAMORE units are variable capacity with their inverter drive compressors, variable speed blower, & variable speed loop pumps. The standard warranty on the units is well below the industry normal and they are only available through their dealer network.  

HYDRON MODULE------------4*---------5*

Hydron Module Evolution Series

This brand is from ENERTECH GLOBAL LLC.

The REVOLUTION series of geothermal heat pumps offers aluminum micro-channel air coils to eliminate corrosion and a composite anti-microbial drain pan to inhibit mold growth. They are very quiet due to their quadruple compressor isolation system and variable speed fan motors. They feature Copeland UltraTech compressors and stainless steel cabinets for durability.

The EVOLUTION SERIES offers two stage compressors for better comfort and efficiency. 

The ORIGIN SERIES offers basic units with a more compact footprint so they can be installed in those areas with less available floor space. They offer a standard PSC blower with an optional upgrade to an ECM as well as an optional desuperheater for domestic hot water production. The brand is backed by an industry leading warranty but is only available through their dealer network.

Other Geothermal Brand Ratings

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