Heat Pump Ratings part 13: Reviews of the Kelvinator, Lennox, & Luxaire brands



This brand is from NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC. They offer basic heat pumps that are backed by an average warranty. They have a louvered metal jacket to protect the coil from damage but their website is not much help and they are only sold through dealers.


The 14HPX series units are basic heat pumps with scroll compressors for reliability but the standard warranty is not very good when compared to other brands.  The XP16 is a part of their ELITE SERIES and is their entry into the premium category while the XP25 is an ultimate heat pump with an efficiency of 23 SEER. 

Lennox XP25

The XP25 units use PreciseComfort technology to adjust the output in 1% increments to closely match the requirements of the home. The units are very quiet and have a modern rounded look and feel to them but the guarantee is not as good as other brands in the category. All of the units feature louvered metal panels to protect the coil from damage but are only sold through factory authorized dealers.


This brand is from UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part JOHNSON CONTROLS and is available in Canada as well as the USA. The THJD models are basic builder grade units while the THJF model has a better warranty. The units use demand defrost which saves energy and they use slotted panel construction to protect the outdoor coil from physical damage. The ACCLIMATE HL8B units are premium units with SilentDrive features and a powder coated finish on the condenser cabinet for durability. 

The HL20 models are their entry in the ultimate heat pump category. Their "climate sync" feature automatically tunes the unit to maximize its operating efficiency based on the weather patterns at its installation location. They are backed by a very good guarantee but the units are only sold through their factory authorized dealer network.

Other Heat Pump Brand Ratings

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