Heat Pump Ratings part 17: Reviews of the Tappan, Tempstar, & Thermo Pride brands



This brand is from NORDYNE which is a part of NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC. The ET4BE offers a basic unit with an efficiency of up to 15 SEER but the warranty is only average. The TECH 3 (ET4BF) model is a premium unit with all of the standard features but the warranty is not as good as many brands. 

Tappan iQ Drive

The TECH 3 line features units with IQ DRIVE (inverter drive compressors) for superior comfort and energy efficiency. They also have noise limiting features such as a compressor blanket, swept wing fan blade, and a composite base pan. The units have a 19 SEER rating and have a good warranty on the unit. All of the units feature louvered metal jacket construction to protect the coil from damage but the units are only available through dealers in the USA and Canada. 


This brand is from INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS which is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. The PERFORMANCE 14 & 15 models are basic heat pumps with an average warranty. 

Tempstar TVH8

The SMARTCOMFORT DELUXE 16 (TCH6) units are premium models but their guarantee is not as good as other brands in the category. The units have a wire guard instead of louvered panels to protect the coil which is not as effective. The SMARTCOMFORT DELUXE 18 is their entry into the ultimate category with a variable speed fan and a five stage compressor. The units use electronic expansion valves for efficient heating control and are pretty quiet during operation but their guarantee is only average. The brand is available in Canada as well as the USA but only through their dealer network.

THERMO PRIDE---1*---------NA---------NA

This brand is made by UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS for THERMO PRODUCTS LLC. The LX models have a compressor blanket and swept wing fan for quieter operation as well as a 14 seer efficiency. The XT series offers a 16 seer unit but it only offers single stage operation. The units have a louvered metal jacket to protect the coil but are only sold through authorized dealers

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