Heat Pump Ratings part 6: Reviews of the Carrier, Century, & Champion brands



This brand is a part of UNITED TECHNOLOGIES (UTC CORP) and is available only through their authorized dealer network. The Comfort Series 25HCD3 model is a basic 13 seer unit that uses a wire guard for condenser coil protection which does not actually do much. The units are relatively loud during operation and are only backed by an average warranty. The Performance 16 (25HCB6) units are premium units with a durable two stage scroll compressor and louvered steel panel construction but the warranty is not as good as many of the other brands. 

The 25VNA0 model is part of their "Infinity" line with GREENSPEED INTELLIGENCE and includes their "silencer system" for quiet operation. The unit is backed by a good warranty but it is only average when compared to other brands.

Carrier 25VNA0


This brand is from HEAT CONTROLLER which is a part of MARS and the units are sold in the USA by authorized dealersThe HRG14 units are basic units with demand defrost and reliable scroll compressors. Their louvered metal jacket provides good protection for the condenser coil. They also have a composite base pan for quieter operation and are backed by a decent warranty. The HRG16 units are premium units with all of the standard features. Although the compressor is backed by a good guarantee, the warranty on the rest of the unit's parts in this category is not as good as other brands.


This brand is made by UPG which is a part of JOHNSON CONTROLS COMPANY but the units are only available through their dealer network in the USA. The THJD models have basic features and a 14 seer energy efficiency rating. They feature microchannel construction for a compact unit and are backed by an average warranty. 

The HL8B models are premium units that feature their Whisperdrive system which includes a swept wing condenser fan, isolated compressor compartment, and base pan made of a composite material. They also use demand defrost for more efficient operation. They have an 18 SEER efficiency and the warranty is very good when the units are installed as a matched system. 

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