Heat Pump Water Heater Ratings part 5, Reviews of the Dimplex, Domotec, Donper, Dux, ECA Technology, Eco-Air, Ecogen, Eldom, & Electrolux brands



This brand is part of the GLEN DIMPLEX GROUP. The BWP 30H units can be fitted with air ducts to use the outside air for heating. They feature a protective anode and a 1.5 kw backup electric element. The manufacturer's website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. dimplex.de


The NUOS water heaters are available in three sizes with the largest size (300 liters) being a split system. The condenser coil is wrapped around the outside of the water tank but the tank uses basic glass-lined technology. The guarantee on the integrated units is not very good when compared to other brands. nuosdomotec.ch


This brand is made in China and offers a wide selection of models. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy. ensolar.donper.com


The AIROHEAT units are made and sold in Australia. The brand is a part of GWA GROUP LTD. They are only available in a 250 liter size. The have automatic defrost but the guarantee is not as good as some of the other brands. dux.com.au

ECA TECHNOLOGY--<1*-------NA-------NA

This brand is made in Italy and is sold throughout Europe. The EW300S is a basic integrated model but their website is not much help and does not have a stated guarantee for their products. ecatech.it


The WH50GM water heaters have a fifty gallon capacity and electronic controls. They have a timer function to save even more on energy costs as well as three modes (heat pump, electric, hybrid) of operating. The warranty is not as good as other brands. northamericanhvac.com


This brand is made in Malaysia by QUANTUM WATER HEATERS SDN BHD. They are available in two sizes and have the refrigerant coil outside of the water tank. Their website is not much help and the guarantee on teh integrated models is not very good when compared to other brands. ecogen.com.my


The GREEN LINE T water heaters are made in Bulgaria and are available in either a 120 liter or 150 liter size. They feature intelligent electronic controls and have a good warranty. eldominvest.com


This brand features water heaters that are made of stainless steel for durability and style. They have all of the standard features and are backed by a very good guarantee. electroluxappliances.com

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